Everything You Need for Hunting

Over 10 years as a registered firearms dealer we have become a distributor of what we feel are good quality products to fit and suit the hunters needs


JMS Arms is owned and run Julian Savory with over 10 years registered firearms experience. We are a by appointment only so we can give the time our customers need and we deal with the Guntrade as well as direct retail customers.

Some key things that we feel help and benefit our clients is the fact we have a range so any Rifle, Moderator or Scope set up can be tested onsite. JMS Arms works with a number of Gunsmiths depending on the type of job and workloads and we focus on getting quality so the outcome meets and exceeds expectations.

We are often involved in testing new loads and I am a keen rifle shooter of deer for management and meat harvesting as well as fox control for a number of land owners. During the time setting up and running this business we have been fortunate enough to become the distributor of some very useful hunting products listed on this site and we continue to look for other suitable products where we feel there is a good level of quality and they are “fit for purpose”.

Quickload – If you are a home loader, doing load development and or have other ballistic requirements then is a very useful piece of software allowing you to test and validate your requirements and we have a dedicated site where you can by this online.

MAE Moderators – These moderators represent high quality engineering and steel to deliver and end product that lasts with many clients coming back to us still owning and using the same moderators for over 10 years.

Gametransporter – JMS Arms took on this product as we recognized not everyone has a pickup and or wants fleas, ticks , blood etc., from hunting trips in their vehicle, on their dogs or them. It attaches in seconds (about 10 seconds!). We have a dedicated site for the Gametransporter so you can buy online , but we are always happy to have a chat about your needs.

Custom Rifles – as a keen rifle shooter and firearms dealer I am in fortunate position where I can design and develop my own custom rile builds to suit my needs. My own custom rifle is the JMS Arms 6.5×47 Lapua – perfect for deer and fox (see image below)

We source various brands for our custom riles from Sako, Tika, Remington to Pac-Nor and Shilen barrels, Stiller actions and Bell and Carlson

For gun cleaning and general maintenance we use KG cleaning and supply this to our clients