QuickTARGET is a sophisticated external ballistics software that empowers shooters to optimize their marksmanship. When used in combination with QuickLOAD, QuickTARGET provides a comprehensive ballistics solution, modelling the trajectory of a bullet from the muzzle to the target, considering various influential factors like environmental conditions.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Trajectory Modelling: QuickTARGET enables you to input variables like ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, sight height, and more to calculate bullet trajectory accurately.
  • Versatile Target Engagement: The software allows for setting various target distances and predicts the bullet’s point of impact at those ranges accurately.


QuickTARGET is a must-have for shooters seeking to improve their shooting performance and precision. By providing in-depth trajectory modelling and various target engagement options, QuickTARGET ensures you’re ready for any shooting scenario.

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